WHO WE ARE – Our Story

Global Black Gay Men Connect

Founded in 2018, Global Black Gay Men Connect is a group of Black, gay, bisexual and same-loving men forming a movement internationally to empower our communities, foster resilience against oppression and initiate an ever-growing platform for our collective voices to be heard.

SINCE 2018


Our core issues are at a make-or-break moment, and we need solutions bold enough to meet our greatest challenges and big enough to bring world leaders and all of us to get it done.

As a collective, GBGMC fosters an activist-led movement with the goal of building local power to intervene in discrimination and violence inflicted on Black Gay communities and men wherever they live. We strive to facilitate intentional involvement by engaging Black gay men across the world and developing the capacity to rapidly intervene on human rights issues surrounding mental and physical health, police brutality, immigration, and general well being.

We want to build a Black gay movement that centers on the Black gay men identity, one that supersedes the limits within black and LGBTI+ liberation recognition on a global level. We believe that in order to succeed and bring as many people with us along the way, we must identify our collective needs, and engage in solutions leading to our goal to build a movement that will affirm our humanity, our contributions, our resilience.



A global platform that ensures black gay men are mobilized to actively demand for social justice towards a harmonious coexistence.

To build an activist movement of Black gay men that is financially-sustainable and able to demand and provide for equal access to health care, education, and opportunities for economic-prosperity and talent-recognition. Our movement affirms the human rights of all people, emphasizing and including Black and brown LGBTIQ people.


A world where all Black Gay Men are free from criminalization, incarceration, killings, and societal bondage.

GBGMC envisions a world where all Black gay men are free from criminalization, incarceration, violence, and where an independent Black gay political power and Black self-determination will be recognized in all areas of society.