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GBGMC Strategic Plan Process – We want to hear from you!


Founded in 2018, Global Black Gay Men Connect (GBGMC) is a group of Black, gay, bisexual, and same-loving men forming a movement internationally to empower our communities, foster resilience against oppression, and initiate an ever-growing platform for our collective voices to be heard.

GBGMC envisions a world where all Black gay men are free from criminalisation, incarceration, violence, and where an independent Black, gay political power and Black self-determination will be recognized in all areas of society.

GBGMC has embarked on developing its first strategic plan and invites you to participate by taking part in this survey.

The idea of GBGMC started in 2018, we are still figuring out what our future looks like, and we are committed to making sure you have a say in our future. PHI, based in Kenya, is leading the process of developing our first-ever strategic plan.

They have created a survey to collect data from the global community.

We want to hear from you!

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Global Black Gaymen Connect

Because Only together we can.

Theme and Programme for Global Black Pride 2022 Announced!

Theme and Programme for Global Black Pride 2022 Announced!

“Honouring our Past, Securing our Future” has been announced as the theme for this year’s Global Black Pride, scheduled to take place from July 27-31 in Toronto, Canada. The theme “is a testament to our principles of being unapologetically Black in our positioning,...

Q&A with Ayodeji Otuyelu

Q&A with Ayodeji Otuyelu

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Host Committee Members

Micheal Ighodaro
Monroe France
Matthew Blaise
Jide Marculy
Jason Isarc
Kenita Placid
Dashown Usher
Rikki Nathanson
Akinpelumi Okelola
Richard Lusimbo



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LGBTQI Uganda Emergency Fund

Global Black Gay Men Connect, in collaboration with Uganda Key Populations Consortium and Sexual Minorities Uganda, to launch an Emergency Response Fund to support LGBTQI Ugandans.

Thank you for your generosity.