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GBMSM ICASA 2021 Pre-Conference: Report now available


On December 5, 2021, the Global Black Gay Men Connect (GBGMC) held an ICASA 2021 pre-conference focusing on gay, bisexual, and other Men who have Sex with Men (GBMSM).

Under the theme “taking stock of the past and present of GBMSM in Africa organizing with a specific focus on continental networking platforms into the future”, the goal of the pre-conference was to provide an initial platform to discuss and articulate issues facing GBMSM communities, examine the current health programming landscape at the continental level and to facilitate a collaborative, and collective initiative towards concrete solutions to challenges faced by GBMSM communities in Africa.

Due to COVID-19, the pre-conference was held virtually and included participants from all over the globe who came to discuss various issues affecting GBMSM, including access to HIV prevention, treatment and care services, funding priorities, social enterprising, accountable funding, movement, and network building, and safety and security.

The combined virtual and in-person event took stock of the status of advocacy and activism of GBMSM, especially in Africa, kickstarted the conversation on the sustainability of GBMSM programming across Africa, and defined aspirations for health and rights going forward in 2022.

Free and open to all, it was organized by representatives from several networks including the GBMSM HIV Prevention Network of Kenya (GHPN KE), the Uganda key Population Consortium (UKPC), Fierté Afrique Francophone, APHA, Pan Africa ILGA (PAI), the GALZ Zimbabwe, AGCS PLUS, and the Global Black Gay Men Connect (GBGMC).

We want to thank the support of all our funding partners, networks, and the committee that put in invaluable work and support to ensure the success of the pre-conference.



FULL REPORT (PDF): GBMSM_ICASA2021_PreConference_Report:FULL

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