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Global Black Pride 2021: What About Us


Global Black Gay Men Connect (GBGMC), Grindr and our community partners, are proud to announce that the second edition of Global Black Pride will take place, Friday June 18th, 2021

Building on our very successful first ever global Black pride last year, which attracted over 1million viewers, We are excited to be bringing this event together to celebrate—virtually, our community, culture and diversity within the Black LGBTQI movement across the globe.

Global Black Pride has become the single largest Black LGBTQI gathering across the globe, we are committed to using this platform to honor our communities’ persistent and braveness in the face of what has been an incredibly difficult year.

This year our theme is “What About Us”

Our theme speaks to how frustrated and disappointed of how our community continues to be left behind. Last year was the deadliest year on record for trans and gender nonconforming individuals, with at least 40 murdered in the US and many more across the globe with many of them Black and brown trans women. HIV and now COVID continues to disproportionately affect Black LGBTQI.

We will continue to demand our inclusion in economic relief packages across the globe, we will continue to fight for our freedom of expression across all regions of the world. We will affirm the lives of Black Queer and Trans folks, Black LGBQI immigrants. We will stand for all Black LGBQI community-based organizations across the globe.

Global Black Pride is for us, we have created the space we want to celebrate us, affirm us, and connect us.  This is for us by us.

Global Black Pride is also launching Pride 2021 Artist Fund, an artist fund that will be distributed to artists and speakers participating at this year’s event. Now more than ever it is important to us to offer financial assistance to Black artists across the globe who have been hit hard during this COVID-19 crisis. Please donate to the fund here.

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