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Haiti LGBTQ Activist Jeudy Charlot found dead; under suspicious circumstances


Jeudy Charlot was found dead at his home near the capital city of Port-au-Prince. We ask that you send your love to the community in Haiti and follow their lead in responding to death of our brother.

Charlot was the executive director of Kouraj , which is the only LGBTQ organization in Haiti.

Global Black Gay Men Connect, recently approached Charlot to join the organization’s board of directors. We are devastated to learn of the news of his death. Charlot was an extraordinary young man, who had dreams to become the best person he can be, but most especially to make sure his community whom he has dedicated his life to are safe. Charlot once said

“Our community has grown increasingly visible over the past seven years because we made a choice. We can’t stay hidden any longer. We have a proverb in this country: ‘If you say hello to the devil, he’ll eat you. And if you don’t say hello to the devil, he’ll eat you.’ So we decided to say hello to the devil.”

Like Charlot, many black gay and bisexual men across the world continue to face hate high rates of hate crimes across the globe. Last week it was Uganda, where over 70 LGBTQI activists and communities were arrested and this week it is one of our own in Haiti.

Founded in 2018, Global Black Gay Men Connect is a group of Black, gay, bisexual and same-loving men forming a movement internationally to empower our communities, foster resilience against oppression and initiate an ever-growing platform for our collective voices to be heard. We believe enough is enough.

Our core issues are at a make-or-break moment, and we need solutions bold enough to meet our greatest challenges and big enough to bring world leaders and all of us to get it done.

As a collective, GBGMC fosters an activist-led movement with the goal of building local power to intervene in discrimination and violence inflicted on Black Gay communities and men wherever they live. We strive to facilitate intentional involvement by engaging Black gay men across the world and developing the capacity to rapidly intervene on human rights issues surrounding mental and physical health, police brutality, immigration, and general well being.

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