LGBTQI Ugandans need your help.

Uganda’s parliament has passed some of the most sweeping anti-LGBTQ legislation in the world. Same-sex acts were already unlawful in Uganda, but on March 21st, 2023, lawmakers voted to ban identifying as LGBTQ+, or the so-called promotion of gay identity in Uganda, putting at risk millions of LGBTQI Ugandans. 

“This Bill means anyone’s identity, how we express ourselves, will be policed and criminalized. Society will be weaponized and turned into the police to forcefully out and report suspected gender and sexual minorities including family members. The right to privacy and minding your own business is now a thing of the past as one is expected to know what your neighbor or tenant is doing within the confines of their homes. This Bill will deny gender and sexual minorities access to basic social services like shelter, healthcare, education, and food as mandated by the constitution because all the service providers for these have a legal duty to report gender and sexual minorities. If they do not, it means jail for them,” said Frank Mugisha.

Global Black Gay Men Connect, in collaboration with Uganda Key Populations Consortium and Sexual Minorities Uganda, to launch an Emergency Response Fund to support LGBTQI Ugandans. This Fund will support the following:

  • Safety and security mechanisms for LGBTQI Uganda organizations
  • Emergency Relocation for individuals 
  • Food, Housing stipends, and other urgent need support for LGBTQI Ugandans in urgent need due to heightened fear of attacks
  • Medical and urgent care assistance  for LGBTQI Ugandans where needed 
  • Home delivery assistance of HIV medications 

LGBTIQ organizations and individuals in Uganda and surrounding countries will require  immediate and sustained financial support to meet the needs of LGBTIQ people turning to them for life-saving help as the bill passed. It is important they have the support they need to stay alive.