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May 17 is IDAHOBIT – Why it matters to Black, Gay Men communities


On this International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia, the Global Black Gay Men Connect (GBGMCreminds the world that we just celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, whose cornerstone is  “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” that, unfortunately, for so many LGBTIQ+ persons, this is not a lived reality and more so from the Black community.

This year’s theme is “No one left behind: equality, freedom and justice for all” is a call to everyone to respect and uphold the human rights and dignity of every person.  It is also a call for unity where our collective efforts for each other will create a world without injustice or discrimination.

Experiences of criminalisation continues to impact the lives of LGBTIQ+ persons, including their access to basic human rights such as health, education, housing and even employment.

Notably, we have witnessed new legislation targeting people who are and choose to be different around the world. They reinforce old bigotries, stoke fear and hate and are used to scapegoat communities even further.


At GBGMC, we are committed to fosters an activist-led movement with the goal of building local power to intervene in discrimination and violence inflicted on Black Gay communities wherever they live.

We believe that it is crucial to address and dismantle systemic barriers that disproportionately impact the health, well-being, and rights of Black Gay men.

We know that in order to succeed and bring as many people with us along the way, we must identify our collective needs, and engage in solutions leading to our goal to build a movement that will affirm our humanity, our contributions, our resilience.

All violence, discrimination and even harmful practices against LGBTIQ+ persons must be done away with to build a world that is respectful, communities that live dignified lives and a vision where human rights are enshrined everywhere.


By being part of our #Africa4EVR campaign, you can add your voicejoin a movement, and make a contribution, in whatever way, in support of human rights, equality, and non-discrimination.

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