The Board of Trustees

Founded in 2018, Global Black Gay Men Connect is a group of Black, gay, bisexual and same-loving men forming a movement internationally to empower our communities, foster resilience against oppression and initiate an ever-growing platform for our collective voices to be heard.

Board Co-Chairs

Board Treasurer

  • Wakefield, USA

Board Secretary

  • Dr. Cedric Pulliam, USA

Governance Committee Chair

  • Tyler Boyce, Canada

Development & Strategy Committee Chair

  • Mutisya Leonard (Son of Rosemary), Kenya

Additional Board Members

  • Humphrey Ndondo, Zimbabwe
  • George Owino, Kenya
  • Axel Ulrich Salamba, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Frankie Edozien, Nigeria
  • Kenyon.farrow, USA

LGBTQI Uganda Emergency Fund

Global Black Gay Men Connect, in collaboration with Uganda Key Populations Consortium and Sexual Minorities Uganda, to launch an Emergency Response Fund to support LGBTQI Ugandans.

Thank you for your generosity.